Why Brush Your Cat?

There are over 36 million Americans who have a cat as their pet. Pets are very important in the homes of many Americans, because cats are viewed as one of their very own family members. Cats are more than just a pet, cats are viewed as best friends and or companions. Many people are willing to go above and beyond for their cat, due to the emotional bond that is shared. Many people who have cats understand that there is a lot to know about having a pet. It is important that pet owners understand how to properly care for a pet in order for your pet to live an exceptional lifestyle. Many people have the misconception of not having to brush cats hair because they already groom themselves, however cats do, in fact, need to be brushed. Cats need to be brushed regularly, in order for you and your cat to live a healthier overall lifestyle.

There are many different reasons for why cats need to be brushed. Because cats already groom themselves, many people have a misconception of not having to brush their cats hair since they are mostly self-maintained. The reality is, is that cats need to be brushed regularly in order for you both to live a better life. When you brush your cat’s hair, your cat will develop less accumulated hairballs. Hairballs are completely natural for a cat to have, however if you brush your cat’s hair regularly, you are able to remove the extra hair that your cat sheds onto the comb. Instead of having to clean up large amounts of hairballs throughout the whole house, you are able to contain the hair all in a brush and easily clean out the brush after you are done. You will definitely save yourself the hassle and exhaustion of having to clean your floors, couches and clothes from excess cat fur.

Another benefit to brushing your cat’s hair is flea spotting. With regularing cat brushing, you are able to discover unwanted fleas on your cat. You can be able to get an idea of how bad your cat is infested with fleas, so that you can get the proper treatment your cat needs. Many times, fleas can be extremely irritating for your cat and yourself. If your cat is severely infested with fleas, you may end up having a home infested, which you can also get bitten by these pesky fleas. Many times there are cats with a significant amount of fur and it can become very difficult to discover that your cat is suffering from an infestation. With regular brushing, you can help catch an infestation early on.

Overall, you are doing your cat a huge favor with regular brushing. If you have an older cat, you may also want to brush your cat regularly, because many older cats suffer from arthritis and or other physical issues that may prevent them from grooming regularly. Your cat will be relieved that they are able to get the help they need to properly groom themselves. Bonding is also something that occurs when you are able to take the time out of your day to spend time grooming your cat. Cats do liked to be groomed and greatly appreciate it when you are able to have that one-on-one time together, thus having a better bond with your cat.

What’s the best brush for long haired cats?

This question comes up quite often and the answer can vary from site to site. But at GeoBob.com, we would like to give our our two cents. The best cat brush really depends on a few different factors: whether it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and gentle enough for your cat.

The Quick Cleaning Comb
If easy cleanup is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Quick Cleaning Comb. Brush your cat and press the comb’s button to release the hair. No need to get cat hair all over your hands if you don’t have to.

  • Quick Clean Grooming Comb

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The Magic Deshedding Glove
This cat brush glove is a gentle and easy way to groom your cat. While clean up is not quite as hands off as the cleaning comb, it still provides a great way to bond with your feline buddy.

  • The Magic Deshedding Glove

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