Featured: The Magic Deshedding Glove

Are you tired of your little furry friend shedding all over your home? Easily and gently remove excess fur by just petting them!


Featured: The Corner Brush

Cats love to rub against things — especially things filled with catnip. This self-grooming brush allows your cat to get rid of excess shedding hair that would otherwise end up in places you wouldn’t want it. The Corner Brush attaches to corners in your home using either self-tapping screws or a special adhesive.


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Geo Bob, the cat.What the heck is GeoBob.com?

GeoBob.com is an online retailer focusing on quality cat related items. The name, Geo Bob, is derived from our family cat who was named by our two year old daughter when she got to choose it. Since then, the name has stuck.

Why Brush Your Cat?

You would think that cats are self-maintaining, but the truth is that you should still brush them! READ MORE!